Strategic Thinking

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  1. Paving a Route to your Goals
  2. Identifying Key Points
  3. Risk Management-Prophylaxis Tool
  4. The Migrating Birds Method-Teamwork
  5. Penguins Teamwork
  6. The Crystal Ball for Risk Management



Paving a Route to your Goals
Paving a route is a key concept in decision-making.
The workout emphasizes the need to identify a critical path and take action to achieve it.


Identifying Key Points
 This workout will shed a light on the importance of identifying and controlling Key Points. This is a management tool that will help us deal with dynamic environments characterized by frequent changes


Risk Management-Prophylaxis Tool
 The workout introduces a useful tool in the risk management process- Prophylaxis. This is a term in chess that means Preventative Action. In the world of risk management, Prophylaxis or preventative thinking. It is the ability to identify potential problems before they occur so that actions can be planned to reduce, or completely prevent, the negative outcome in case these problems are realized.


The Migrating Birds Method-Teamwork
I This workout will teach us about the connection between the flight of migratory birds and teamwork. Migration birds are unique in their group structure during their flight. A team working together with the most suitable group structure will achieve synergy and higher achievements. Unity for a common goal, a combination of talent diversity and mutual assistance, will bring the entire team to greater success.


Penguins Teamwork
T The scene from The Penguins of Madagascar illustrates the importance of cooperation and teamwork in a fun and humorous way. The clip emphasizes two key concepts essential for effective teamwork: having a shared objective and the division of responsibilities.
Both of these concepts are relevant in the context of teamwork in organizations. They are essential for the successful functioning of each individual and of the group as a whole.


The Crystal Ball for Risk Management
This amusing video features an employee who presents his boss with a crystal ball to help identify potential risks in their ongoing projects. It emphasizes the importance of a thorough and careful risk management process to ensure successful project outcomes.


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