Policy Privacy and Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act / POPIA) Policy and Procedure
Applicable to All Staff and candidates
Person Responsible Management
  1.      Document and Record Management Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act / POPIA) published in the Government Gazette on 14 December 2018.
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The POPI Act has 8 conditions and a number of other areas, key points about the 8 conditions are shown below.

  • Accountability = assigning ownership in your organisation;
  • Processing Limitation = processing information for lawful reasons and in a manner that does not infringe privacy;
  • Purpose Specification =only obtaining and holding personal information for a specific purpose;
  • Further Processing Limitation = Further processing of personal information must be compatible with the purpose for which it was collected;
  • Information Quality = ensuring that information is complete and accurate;
  • Openness = informing individuals that their information has been obtained and the purpose thereof;
  • Security safeguards = the integrity of personal information must be secured using appropriate, reasonable, technical and organisational measures;
  • Data Subject Participation = a data subject has the right to request access to their personal information that you hold; to request the information is deleted or corrected if appropriate.

NPI Shuttleworth Academy (Pty) Ltdwill manage all documents and records that relate to requirements of the company’sQuality Management System including, but not limited to the following:

  1. Training manuals
  2. Candidate records
  3. Staff records
  4. Management system records
  5. Department of Education records
  6. SETA, SAQA and QCTO records
  7. Registered letters
  8. Off-site delivery checklists
  9. General correspondence

Document and record management activities will ensure the following:

  1. Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act / POPIA) published in the Government Gazette on 14 December 2018 is complied with
  2. Candidate information is accurately captured.
  3. Appropriate documents are reviewed and approved by authorised staff prior to issue and use.
  4. Pertinent issues of appropriate documents are available at all locations where they are required.
  5. Obsolete documents are promptly removed from all points of issue or use.
  6. Changes made to documents are identified in the document or attachment, and that all such changes are approved by authorised staff prior to being implemented.
  7. Records will be maintained and updated on a regular basis to demonstrate the efficient running of the organisation and the effective operation of the quality management system.
  8. All changes made will be tracked and recorded.
  9. All records will be legible and readily retrievable and be kept so as to prevent loss or deterioration.
  10. Retention times for archiving records will be established and no records will be destroyed without prior approval of authorised staff.
  11. Control of records will include identification, collection, indexing, access, storage, maintenance and disposition.


The purpose of this procedure is to describe the methods used by NPI Shuttleworth Academy (Pty) Ltdto manage all documents and records that relate to the implementation of the company’squality management system.


The scope of the procedure includes the receipt, identification, review, approval, filing, distribution and maintenance of the following documents and records:

  1. Management system documents and records
  2. Candidate documents and records
  3. Training manuals
  4. Staff documents and records
  5. SAQA, SETA, QCTO and DoE documents and records
  6. General correspondence
  7. Off-site delivery checklists
  8. Registered letters

It also includes the development and maintenance of documents that record information produced by a process or activity.


Management System Documents and Records

  1. Management system documentation, i.e. quality policies and system procedures, will be uniquely identified by a NPI Shuttleworth Academy (Pty) Ltdnumber and revision status and reviewed and approved by NPI Shuttleworth Academy (Pty) Ltdmanagement prior to issue and use.
  2. Revisions to these documents will be reviewed and approved in the same manner as the first issues and the nature of all changes made will be identified in the document revision record sheet in each document.
  3. All documentation relating to the operation of the NPI Shuttleworth Academy (Pty) Ltd system, e.g. minutes of meetings, management reviews, quality committee records, will be filed separately in files reserved only for this purpose and maintained by the relevant person.
  4. All documents to be within the NPI Shuttleworth Academy RSA template formats as published on the Loop
  5. Page 2 of all documents to include version control table
  6. All naming conventions of electronic documents to includes version number and date
  7. Every review of a document needs to be controlled and recorded on the version control page of each document

Candidate Documents and Records

  1. Candidate documents and records will be managed as is outlined in the Reporting Policy and Procedure.
  2. The confidentiality of Candidate information will be guaranteed by adhering to the following security procedures:
  3. Printed documents containing Candidate information are filed in a cupboard that is locked at all times.  The Accredited Manager is responsible for the safekeeping of the key.
  4. Only authorised staff within the training department are allowed access to Candidate information.
  5. Candidate information will be captured on the MerSETA/ Bank Seta/ Service Seta/ P seta/ ETDP Seta/ DHET/ CHE Management Information System, and our own internal Candidate database.
  6. Keep records of all communications with all relevant parties.
    1. Candidate management and submission is on line via Moodle, assessors and moderates track via Moodle where possible.  Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act / POPIA) published in the Government Gazette on 14 December 2018 is complied with as Moodle is password protected and controlled access.  Moodle loggings are monitored and reported by our IT department.
    1. All hard copy POE is kept locked up in a locked cupboard, in the store room, (key only via Jared or Wendy and the person needs to sign the check in check out of POE tracking sheet).

General Correspondence

  1. All correspondence, i.e. letters, circulars, memos, will be received for processing by the administrator.
  2. All letters (except personal mail) will be opened, sorted, distributed or filed as necessary by NPI Shuttleworth Academy (Pty) Ltdstaff.
  3. Memos will be distributed to relevant people.
  4. All documents will be maintained in accordance with specified criteria.
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