Technical Teams

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  1. Solving the Core of the Problem
  2.  Identifying Anchors
  3. The Eliminating Alternative Tool
  4. The Detective Method-Asking Questions
  5. Trial and Error-Solving Problem in Nature
  6. Design Patterns-For Developers


Solving the Core of the Problem
During this workout, we will become familiar with system problems. A system is a collection of components linked together and functioning together for a common purpose. When one of the components stops working, a problem arises! System problems are common: A vehicle that stops working, a team whose performance is inadequate or unsatisfactory, a product that does not perform as planned… and more! When the system is not functioning, we need to respond quickly and identify the problem’s core.


 Identifying Anchors
This workout will focus on the tool: Identifying Anchors. Anchors are an essential key in situations where we are required to make a decision, plan, or solve a problem. In situations where uncertainty is great, the anchor will guide us and help scatter the uncertainty and fog. Uncertainty or fog is a situation where what was obvious a moment ago is now in doubt, and the main difficulty is the inability to carry out a plan. Within dynamic reality, the anchor will remain stable and won’t change.


The Eliminating Alternative Tool
This workout will focus on familiarity and practice with The Eliminating Alternative Tool. Elimination is a powerful tool that can help us in the processes of analysis, decision making, and problem-solving. This may sound a bit trivial since we are experienced in eliminating options in various contexts. But many times, we rush to disqualify options because of a gut feeling or without having done an orderly process. In such situations, we may omit good possibilities that could actually bring us closer to a solution. Proper application of the tool will improve your performance in many areas!


The Detective Method-Asking Questions
In this workout we will learn and practice the Detective Method for solving problems. The method will teach us about the power of asking questions in an orderly and systematic manner to gradually progress towards solving a problem. Questions guide our thinking and help us understand the depths of the challenge or problem that we face.


Trial and Error-Solving Problem in Nature
This video captures a young gorilla in a natural setting as she attempts to solve a problem using the trial and error method. The video is a stunning example of the gorilla’s ability to adapt her behavior and adjust her approach after each unsuccessful attempt. By showcasing the gorilla’s intelligence and persistence in solving a problem, the video offers a glimpse into the rich and complex behavior of animals in the wild.


Design Patterns-For Developers


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