Research and Knowledge Worker

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  1. Dealing with a Change
  2. Identifying Key Points
  3. The Eliminating Alternative Tool
  4. The Detective Method-Asking Questions
  5. Airplanes are Magic-The power of Questions


Dealing with a Change
In this workout, you will get to know and practice a thinking tool called the Stoplight Method. The method will help us deal with changes.The Stoplight Method is a meta-cognitive method that emphasizes our ability to detect changes ahead of time and adapt ourselves to changing situations.


Identifying Key Points
This workout will shed a light on the importance of identifying and controlling Key Points. This is a management tool that will help us deal with dynamic environments characterized by frequent changes.


The Eliminating Alternative Tool
This workout will focus on familiarity and practice with The Eliminating Alternative Tool. Elimination is a powerful tool that can help us in the processes of analysis, decision making, and problem-solving. This may sound a bit trivial since we are experienced in eliminating options in various contexts. But many times, we rush to disqualify options because of a gut feeling or without having done an orderly process. In such situations, we may omit good possibilities that could actually bring us closer to a solution.Proper application of the tool will improve your performance in many areas!


The Detective Method-Asking Questions
In this workout we will learn and practice the Detective Method for solving problems. The method will teach us about the power of asking questions in an orderly and systematic manner to gradually progress towards solving a problem. Questions guide our thinking and help us understand the depths of the challenge or problem that we face.


Airplanes are Magic-The power of Questions
This humorous video showcases the power of questions (and the challenges of being a flight attendant). It features one of the most common questions asked by passengers – why mobile devices are prohibited during flights. The flight attendant attempts to answer the flood of inquiries from passengers, but things quickly take a comedic turn as she runs into unexpected problem.



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