Marketing and Sales Teams

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  1. Solving the Core of the Problem
  2. Identifying Key Points
  3. Resilience-The Alpinist Method
  4. Creative thinking-Breaking Patterns Tool
  5. Problem Solving by Asking Questions
  6. Patterns of Success in Sales
  7. The use of Anchors in Sales


Solving the Core of the Problem
During this workout, we will become familiar with system problems. A system is a collection of components linked together and functioning together for a common purpose. When one of the components stops working, a problem arises! System problems are common: A vehicle that stops working, a team whose performance is inadequate or unsatisfactory, a product that does not perform as planned… and more!
When the system is not functioning, we need to respond quickly and identify the problem’s core.


Identifying Key Points
This workout will shed a light on the importance of identifying and controlling Key Points. This is a management tool that will help us deal with dynamic environments characterized by frequent changes


Resilience-The Alpinist Method
In this workout, we will explore the Alpinist Method – a useful strategy for developing resilience and successfully coping with life’s challenges! The Alpinist Method will teach us about goal setting and making sure we are equipped with different resources to cope with various situations we may encounter.


Creative thinking-Breaking Patterns Tool
The workout will focus on Creative Thinking. It is the process of nurturing your imagination allowing you to think outside the box . Being able to train your mind to think creatively helps you invent, solve problems, create and communicate in a fresh and original ways.


Problem Solving by Asking Questions
Use this short and entertaining video that demonstrates the power of asking questions – even a very simple one – in solving problems. You’ll see how asking the right questions can significantly improve the problem-solving process.


Patterns of Success in Sales
This video focuses on identifying customers’ patterns in the sales process. By recognizing the correct pattern that a client brings to the meeting, we can tailor our pitch accordingly and significantly improve our chances of making a successful sale.


The use of Anchors in Sales
This video targets sales teams and aims to demonstrate the significance of the anchor concept in customer interactions and sales closing. It showcases various relevant examples from the sales industry to highlight how the anchor concept can be used to establish favourable conditions for a successful sale.


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