Flexible Thinking Gym Workout for 1 year for Adults

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  1. Creative thinking-Breaking Patterns Tool
  2. The Detective Method-Asking Questions
  3. Dealing with a Change
  4. Risk Management-Prophylaxis Tool
  5. Think Outside the Box!
  6. Stuck On an Escalator


Creative thinking-Breaking Patterns Tool
The workout will focus on Creative Thinking. It is the process of nurturing your imagination allowing you to think outside the box . Being able to train your mind to think creatively helps you invent, solve problems, create and communicate in a fresh and original ways.


The Detective Method-Asking Questions
 In this workout we will learn and practice the Detective Method for solving problems. The method will teach us about the power of asking questions in an orderly and systematic manner to gradually progress towards solving a problem. Questions guide our thinking and help us understand the depths of the challenge or problem that we face.


Dealing with a Change
In this workout, you will get to know and practice a thinking tool called the Stoplight Method. The method will help us deal with changes.
The Stoplight Method is a meta-cognitive method that emphasizes our ability to detect changes ahead of time and adapt ourselves to changing situations.


Risk Management-Prophylaxis Tool
The workout introduces a useful tool in the risk management process- Prophylaxis. This is a term in chess that means Preventative Action. In the world of risk management, Prophylaxis or preventative thinking. It is the ability to identify potential problems before they occur so that actions can be planned to reduce, or completely prevent, the negative outcome in case these problems are realized.


Think Outside the Box!
Watch this short and informative video to learn the concept of thinking outside the box. The video emphasizes how breaking our thinking patterns can help us generate new and original ideas. By exploring different perspectives and taking unconventional approaches, we can unlock our creative potential and find innovative solutions to problems. The video provides practical examples of thinking outside the box and encourages viewers to challenge their assumptions and embrace creativity in their thinking.


Stuck On an Escalator
The amusing video depicts a scenario in which two people react to an unexpected situation. However, instead of responding in a flexible and adaptive manner, they display inflexible behavior.
Furthermore, through humour, the video highlights how our reliance on preconceived response patterns or habitual ways of reacting, which people develop over time based on past experiences and learned behavior, can lead to inappropriate reactions.


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