Decision Making for 1 year for Adults

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  1. Self-Block Strategy
  2. Dealing with a Change
  3. Resilience-The Alpinist Method
  4. Paving a Route to your Goals
  5. Master Class-Blocker Game Principles


Self-Block Strategy
In this workout we will learn about a practical tool in decision-making called self-block. The purpose of this tool, which sounds counterintuitive, is to be used when we have a fear of withdrawing from a decision or goal. In order to keep us focused on the main target, this tool will be used to block paths that could divert our attention.


Dealing with a Change
In this workout, you will get to know and practice a thinking tool called the Stoplight Method. The method will help us deal with changes.
The Stoplight Method is a meta-cognitive method that emphasizes our ability to detect changes ahead of time and adapt ourselves to changing situations.


Resilience-The Alpinist Method
In this workout, we will explore the Alpinist Method – a useful strategy for developing resilience and successfully coping with life’s challenges! The Alpinist Method will teach us about goal setting and making sure we are equipped with different resources to cope with various situations we may encounter.


Paving a Route to your Goals
Paving a route is a key concept in decision-making.
The workout emphasizes the need to identify a critical path and take action to achieve it.


Master Class-Blocker Game Principles
 This Master Class video features Mr. Ehud Shachar analyzing a Blocker’s game position. Through the analysis, viewers can learn the main principles of the game and gain insights into how to analyze game positions effectively.


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