NPI Shuttleworth Academy  and NEUROGRES TM Uniqueness, World Class Technologies, Methodologies, Local Accreditation & Deep Insights!

We initially evaluate cognitive skills using AI-powered games, followed by an analysis of the outcomes to pinpoint areas for growth. This leads to the customization of AI-based brain gym exercises and training courses, coached with innovative methods. Incorporating elements of the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions, along with skills essential for the future workplace, we help develop new muscle memory in the brain, transforming human behaviour into habitual practice!

  • Based on research, the ideal coaching and training is a mixture of Human Interaction, Neuro linguistic like tools and AI.
  • NEUROGRES TM helps with resilience, adaptability, problem solving, creativity,... (i.e., better cognitive skills)
  • Remove blocks, Strong Coaching and Mentoring/ Paradigm Shift.
  • NLP and Neuro Science
  • Game-based assessments are enticing because they seek to turn something that can be stressful and tedious into something fun and releases stress.
  • We use circle of influence methodology
  • We keep applying the new skills back into the workplace (and use SETA assessments) and end off with a Dragons Den prestation.
  • If found competent you get an internationally recognised certificate of competence.


Our Accreditation in the UK and South Africa

NPI Shuttleworth Academy (NPISA) is a South African based,  SETA and QCTO accredited education and corporate training institute, which forms part of NPI Group of companies.

The business is a B-BBEE Level 2 contributor, being 51% black-owned and 49% woman-owned.  We are also CPD Accredited in the UK to offer our Amazing Courses.

South African Accreditation :

Download : Bank Seta
Download : Services Seta

QCTO Accreditation Number: 07-SERVICES/SDP121022090919

COMENSA (Coaching and Mentors South Africa) Registered, APPROVAL NUMBER GOLD: COM/TPP/2023/G/015

UK Accreditation : Click Here!


Kind words from previous students and stakeholders

"I would personally like to thank the company for the opportunity and I must say that this has awarded me the opportunity to grow in all spheres of my life. I have not been on a learnership before this was my first time and it has been a great experience thus far. One thing that I love about NPI and NPISA is that you don’t just feel like an employee but you feel as if you are part of a family. The love shared in this company is something I have not experienced in my whole life and I must say I am blessed.

The amount of support that is given to us the learners is overwhelming but in a good sense because we know that the motive of the company is not just to host us but also to grow us into life-changing individuals where even if one was to be let go after the learnership period we would bring change and positive  change to any place that we would be a part of." - Dineo Nyakale