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Tenacity Time Management and goal setting

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  • Number of Days: 2

Target Learner/ Entry Requirements:
All staff


The objective of the course is to assist employees in: completing a profile to diagnose their time spending habits /identifying areas for development & devising appropriate action plans/ recognizing the element of choice /understanding the abstract nature of time/ developing techniques for changing ineffective habits / changing their mindset to increase productivity / answering the question, “what are we employed to do?”/ identifying and recording accurate objectives/ being able to priorities appropriately /analysing their time trends/ being able to delegate relevant tasks effectively / identifying and eliminating key timewasters/ having a better knowledge of how to manage their flow of paperwork / developing time management skills applicable to teams/ being better equipped to conduct productive meetings that achieve results/ understanding and have techniques to reduce procrastination/ developing action plans to transfer the course content to their workplace in an effective manner

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Tenacity Time Management and goal setting
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Tenacity Time Management and goal setting

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04 - 14 Sep 2024


8:00 am - 3:00 pm



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