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Sustainable Strategy in 4Th & 5Th IR / CPD

  • NQF Level: 6
  • SETA NUM: AEM LP4 SAQA ID 116349, 12885, leads to part of a full accredited qualification, Advanced Executive Management and to CPD certificate points
  • Credits:  20
  • Number of Days:  28 hours = 10 weeks with 3 hours or 5 days with 6 hours

Target Learner/ Entry Requirements:
This course is aimed at anyone who want to get better results from company. All managers, supervisors, change managers. managers, diploma, degree or 2 years work experience. Must be proficient in eng, computer literate

Explain the responsibilities & information concerning practical aspects of corporate governance & accountability
Demonstrate knowledge of risk management elements related to corporate governance
Assess the performance of the business in meeting its objectives
Identify potential improvements to the business

  1.  Reimagine 4th & 5TH IR as a unique opportunity to be welcomed, not a problem to be confronted
  2. Reposition discrete & disconnected programs as a systemwide, unified set of approaches
  3. Realign toward achieving both scale & impact, rather than framing solutions as scale versus impact
  4. Reframe the possibilities for marginalized youth.

Analyse & report, in writing, social, technical, economic, environmental & political factors, PESTLE, King code IV.  Prepare an Account Ability’s AA1000 SES Stakeholder Engagement Standard report


04 - 29 Sep 2023


8:00 am - 3:00 pm



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