Change Management – with AI/ Games

Target Learner/ Entry Requirements:
All Staff & upto Manco and Exco. , english, computer literate, managers or supervisors


  • Resilience-The Alpinist Method In this workout, we will explore the Alpinist Method – a useful strategy for developing resilience and successfully coping with life’s challenges! The Alpinist Method will teach us about goal setting and making sure we are equipped with different resources to cope with various situations we may encounter.
  • Dealing with a Change “In this workout, you will get to know and practice a thinking tool called the Stoplight Method. The method will help us deal with changes.
    The Stoplight Method is a meta-cognitive method that emphasizes our ability to detect changes ahead of time and adapt ourselves to changing situations.”
  • Creative thinking-Breaking Patterns Tool The workout will focus on Creative Thinking. It is the process of nurturing your imagination allowing you to �think outside the box�. Being able to train your mind to think creatively helps you invent, solve problems, create and communicate in a fresh and original ways.
  • The Migrating Birds Method-Teamwork “This workout will teach us about the connection between the flight of migratory birds and teamwork. Migration birds are unique in their group structure during their flight. A team working together with the most suitable group structure will achieve synergy and higher achievements. Unity for a common goal, a combination of talent diversity and mutual assistance, will bring the entire team to greater success.
  • Think Outside the Box! Watch this short and informative video to learn the concept of thinking outside the box. The video emphasizes how breaking our thinking patterns can help us generate new and original ideas. By exploring different perspectives and taking unconventional approaches, we can unlock our creative potential and find innovative solutions to problems. The video provides practical examples of thinking outside the box and encourages viewers to challenge their assumptions and embrace creativity in their thinking.
  • Managerial Patterns Managerial patterns refers to the typical ways in which managers approach their work, make decisions, communicate with their team, and allocate resources. These patterns can include a range of practices and behaviours, and can be influenced by a variety of factors such as the manager’s experience, leadership style, and organizational culture. The following video explores different management patterns or approaches, and how making small changes to these templates can lead to greater success in terms of professional and obedient behavior from employees or team members.
  • Thinking Outside the Box-Managers This video is aimed at management teams of various levels, highlighting the significance of thinking outside the box and practicing flexible thinking in their daily management tasks. It emphasizes the benefits of adopting such an approach and provides examples to illustrate them.


23 - 27 Oct 2024



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